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Johanna Erdmenger

is a research group leader at the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich. She is interested in all aspects of applications of gauge/gravity duality.

Eduardo Fradkin

is a faculty member of the department of Physics of the University of Illinois. He is interested in condensed matter physics and field theory, including topological phases, quantum hall fluids and high Tc superconductors.

Sean Hartnoll

is a member of the Stanford Physics department. research on holography and connections with condensed matter physics.

Christopher Herzog

is a member of the Princeton Physics Department. He is interested in all aspects of gauge/gravity duality. He has worked on holographic superconductors and superfluids. Most recently, he has been thinking about fermions and holography.

Matthias Kaminski

is currently a postdoc at the Princeton University Physics Department (University of Washington, Seattle, WA from October on). Interests: phenomenological applications (and also formal extensions) of Gauge/Gravity Correspondence, in particular applications to condensed matter systems and heavy-ion-collisions, effective field theories, and transport phenomena.

Andreas Karch

is a faculty member of the particle theory group at the University of Washington in Seattle. Works on applications of holography to various strongly interacting systems, in particular with connections to nuclear or condensed matter physics. Also has developed a recent interest in topological insulators.

John Mcgreevy

David Tong

is a faculty member at the University of Cambridge with interests in strongly interacting field theories and gauge/gravity duality.

David Vegh

is currently a postdoc at the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics ( He is interested in quantum field theories, holography, and string theory.

Cenke Xu

is currently at the physics department of UCSB. He is working on strongly correlated system, quantum criticality, spin liquid etc.