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Link to reference page from 2009 miniprogram Quantum Criticality and the AdS/CFT Correspondence.

Black Hole Entropy and intermediate-temperature states of matter

References for J. McGreevy's talk.

some black hole thermodynamics refs:Jacobsen

black hole information problem:
Susskind and Lindesay
Bigatti and Susskind

BH information problem in AdS and information restoration at finite N:
Barbon and Rabinovici
Barbon and Rabinovici
Kleban et al
Festuccia and Liu
Iizuka and Polchinski
Iizuka, Okuda, Polchinski

Holographic Fermi surfaces:
Faulkner et al
Matching calculation

Another z=\infty strange metal:

A viewpoint on this.

Spin-incoherent Luttinger liquid

An engineer's approach to AdS/CFT: Tutorial on computing real-time thermal Green's functions

by Matthias Kaminski

In the context of this KITP workshop on AdS/CMT, I have demonstrated how to compute real-time thermal Green's functions in a small tutorial. This page contains references which we have been using, or which I find useful.
There are also two notebooks, one showing the computation for a bosonic example, the other for a fermionic one.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the references are often not the original ones (not the ones who did it first) but whose presentation I like.


1. The real-time response recipe and bosonic examples:
a) Derivation in section II of

b) Step by step calculation of exact solution for <J^m J^n> (charge current correlators) in hydrodynamic limit in section 3.1.2 of

c) Example of the <T^{xy}T^{xy}> (energy-momentum tensor correlators) in section 6.1 of

d) Summary of numerical methods (including the one we used) in section 3.1.3 of

2. Recipe for fermions and examples:
a) Derivation in section III of

b) Dirac equation in the conventions that are used in the notebook is given in (41) and (42) of
[Benini et al'10].

c) General properties of fermionic Green's functions, and sum rules (plus description of the recipe for fermions) in section 5 of

d) Very detailed discussion of the example of fermions in AdS4 in section 2.1 of
[Ammon et al'10].

e) Two of the original references
[Faulkner et al'09].

3. Additional material
a) Discussion of various boundary conditions for bulk fields (this allows also dynamical gauge fields on the boundary) in

b) Recent lecture notes by Nabil Iqbal, Hong Liu and Mark Mezei on Holographic (Non-) Fermi liquids


(i) Bosonic example

(ii) Fermionic example