Minutes for the First Organizational Meeting

1) Talks for the first few weeks will be Tuesday 10 am, Thursday 2 pm, and Friday 12 pm. The Tuesday and Thursday talks will be in the auditorium.

2) Talks for the first week were decided in advance by the organizers. Dam Son, Sung-Sik Lee, and Per Kraus were asked to speak. In subsequent weeks, input from the program participants is actively sought. Please email suggestions to the organizers of talks you would like to hear.

3) A discussion was held loosely organized around the questions what do we know? how well do we know it? what do we mean by know. In this context, first holographic superconductors/superfluids were discussed and then non, marginal, local, etc. Fermi liquids.

4) Some questions were brought up by members of the audience:
  • Do we need a holographic dual for the lattice?
  • What recent progress has there been in implementing impurities and/or the Kondo effect in AdS/CFT?
  • What recent progress has there been in studying systems with stripes, translational symmetry breaking using AdS/CFT?
  • Can we have a talk from the CMT side describing what is known about non and marginal Fermi liquids.

Minutes for the Second Organizational Meeting

1) Marty Einhorn gave a presentation on how to use the Wiki.

2) Christopher Herzog presented a list of volunteers who will help with the program organization. Andy O'Bannon, Max Metlitski, Tarun Grover, and Nabil Iqbal have volunteered to provide summaries of the talks and discussions each week on this Wiki. Tom Faulkner has volunteered to organize some hikes over the coming weekends. Giuseppe Policastro has volunteered to organize a whale watching expedition. Nabil Iqbal has also volunteered to help organize the weekly dinners, Thursdays at 6 pm, but another volunteer was also requested for this task.

3) Christopher Herzog described the talks for next week. Joe Polchinski will lead a discussion on the renormalization group flow and holography during lunch on Wednesday. Hong Liu and Joe Polchinski will describe non and marginal Fermi liquids can be realized holographically Thursday at 2 pm. On Friday, during lunch, Max Metlitski will talk about fermionic quantum criticality from the condensed matter theory side.

4) Sean Hartnoll led a brief discussion about Lifshitz and AdS_2 as possible gravity duals for zero temperature, nonzero density states. On the one hand, the electron star provides a natural way to replace the somewhat problematic AdS_2 region with a Lifshitz region at zero temperature. On the other, Hartnoll emphasized that the singularity in Lifshitz geometries may indicate the need for higher derivative or other types of corrections that might naturally lead one back to an AdS_2 solution (although AdS_4 solutions or solutions with broken space-time symmetry might also be possible).